So, first the Courseload Of Doom caused me to have no time for the game, and then some computer problems caused me to uninstall it.
I might be back in December, maybe in June, maybe never. 


Postmaster Redux: One Suit, One Hat, One Sim

Wow, actual content! Can you tell that term ended last week?

So, I went through a lot of my old posts, and the Sims- especially the character Sims - just look awful. Custom content that no longer matches my game style, Huge Jawlines Of Doom (or, in Crowleysim's case, Awkwardly Narrow Jawline Of Doom), bizarrely out-of-proportion eyes and noses. So I've redone several of them, plus the Suit, which never did stop looking like lacquered chipboard.  As I'm more satisfied with that than most of the remade Sims so far, have.... well, this. A suit and a hat based on those worn by Moist von Lipwig in Discworld novels Going Postal and Making Money, plus Moist!Sim.

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The mystery of the missing posts...

Taking down some of the older stuff because, well, it's crap. I pulled several early character-Sims up in Bodyshop earlier and... what was I thinking?

Currently working on remaking almost all of the character Sims from earlier to fix them up, give them better eyes/skintones, and to make a suit that doesn't look like it's made of lacquered chipboard.

Default Replacement Dump

So I just default-replaced a ton of stuff. Thanks to the awesomeness of le_plat_du_jour  and dhearest, I've been slightly obsessed with default replacements lately, and these all just had to go.

Everything has been Compressorized, and they're all uploaded as individual package files.
All credit goes to the original creators; I just mucked around in SimPE.

ETA:  I apologize for the lack of pictures up until this point -- I intended to put them up earlier but then just sort of forgot. Very sorry. They're up now, but due to having an insane week behind me and an even busier one ahead, they are Bodyshop pics. Sorry :(
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Wardrobe Wrangler keeps borking things for me. I attempted to declutter the Elders bin by removing that age from a bunch of hair recolors that didn't have grays/had duplicates, and now Bodyshop won't open. *sigh*

Because every character neighborhood needs a psychotic Assassin: Teatime!Sim. He turned out a lot prettier than I'd intended, but oh well.

Susan!Sim... doesn't like him very much.

 My werewolves are glitching :( They get all the transformation animations but no change.


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An actual download? It can't be!

The teenage girls of Victoria Glen didn't have enough to wear. I downloaded a dress at AAS that I liked (the red "Dickens Dress") but it sat strangely on the mesh and had a weirdly high waist. Evidently, copypasta was the only solution. I slapped the texture onto a different mesh, edited the waist so it sat properly, and recolored it a ton of times, only nine of which I ended up liking enough to keep.

Credits: All About Style, Kalynn06.


I'm having posting issues, so this is a trial run.
I think it might be because of the out-of-order dating.
It's getting extremely irritating.

Here are pictures of the boys, who were sadly underrepresented in my last picspam (in which my Sims were the Worst Victorians Ever. And they continue to be.)

Des is actually a cutie, but he tends to make seriously dumb faces a lot.

James, on the other hand, always looks very debonair.
I kind of wish I didn't have to kill Evander (the character or the Sim) off.
And the Sim depiction turned out exactly like I'd pictured him.

And this one, because it took forever to take:

Clothes by, I think, in order, AAS, AAS, Bosie, and AnnDeLune.
Honour & Sebastian

test tubes and Tesla coils / clockwork brain in glowing oils...

I know that I haven't posted in eons. College has eaten my soul.
Although I did contribute some stuff to the last two GoS monthly themes.

Projects I want to do:
- Retry defaulting the AL dress with Azaya's "Icing Sugar" set.
- Default the CF denim jumpers with the cute patterned ones that someone shared for Secret Santa
- Retexture a Victorian mesh I found on MTS2 - the mesh is exactly what I've been looking for, but the textures are very old.
- Attempt to poke/prod/frankenstein Flinn's "Victoria" textures onto Liz's Regency dress mesh

Currently in Sim-land...


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